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B. Wright Back Chiropractic, Inc. is centrally located in downtown Canton. We welcome the chance to meet you and introduce you to our staff and services. A free consultation session is yours upon request.

In addition to spinal adjustments, services such as preventive health care, soft tissue mobilization, and rehabilitative exercise will help you recover optimal health and peak performance without the use of drugs or surgery. We will demonstrate how best to care for your body to prevent any further pain or discomfort.

Some insurance plans cover chiropractic care. If you're paying out of pocket, we will find a payment plan that best fits your budget. Regardless of financial situation, we want all of our patients to receive the best available treatment.

Contact us to set up an appointment and make an investment in yourself today!

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Our friendly and helpful medical team is here to provide you all of the latest techniques in chiropractic care.

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