The Phases of Chiropractic Care

Acute Care
Acute care, otherwise known as relief care, is the phase of care in which patients seek chiropractic care to address both pain and discomfort. Often, patients have exhausted all other perceived options and decide to seek chiropractic care as a last resort.

Supportive Care
Supportive care, otherwise known as corrective care, is the phase of care in which conditions are supported to prevent any additional degeneration. As regression and exacerbation are common results with unsupported conditions, this phase of care is characterized by strengthening and conditioning specific areas of the body. In this phase of care, your physician is likely to prescribe stretches and exercises to support your specific condition.

Maintenance Care
Maintenance care, otherwise known as wellness care, is a phase of care that promotes the optimization of health. With maintenance care, the primary objective is to optimize the function of the body through behavioral modification. Examples of behavioral modification can include counseling on diet, nutrition, exercise physiology, and work ergonomics to name a few. By incorporating minor lifestyle alterations, a better life can be attained.